The Habitat

Golf courses, planned residential and commercial developments, as well as airports are prime real estate for geese and other water fowl due to wide open spaces available for foraging, ponds and marshes for swimming, as well as protected edge areas for nesting.

Golf courses are the requisite environment due to fairways of succulent grasses, water traps, and roughs of cover. The present-day popularity of these green spaces and drainage ponds in both corporate and residential developments, as well as the tendency to locate airports near marshy areas, lead to inevitable clashes.

Even geese have natural predators such as fox, coyote, or snapping turtles, there are few in urban and suburban settings. In addition, geese are adaptable; they learn to ignore human antics, like setting off firecrackers, applying chemical repellents, playing recordings of bird distress calls, erecting models of predators, and most other efforts.
Border collies on the other hand, are excellent herders, adept at keeping birds away from runways, lakes, golf courses, and adjacent areas. These civilized predators are the one thing geese can’t seem to ignore.