Geese Release — Geese management for Humane Canadian Control

Geese management  is the most important factor in controlling the instinctive behavior of Canadian Geese to set up camp in artificially developed spaces.

Effective solutions require an integrated approach. But combining several techniques geese management is more likely to succeed over any single method.

Proven Methods:

  • Border Collies & Handlers – Handlers should  receive a minimum of 200 hours of onsite field training. Geese management, biology, behavior, dog handling, laws and regulations, first aid, and property requirements should be mandatory.
  • Protection of Water – By use of  integrated methods of geese management — dogs, kyaks, and remote controlled boats — the flock will have no other choice but to move on.
  • Landscaping – Altering landscapes acts as a deterrent.

Border Collies for Humane Geese Management

Border Collies  trained in geese management are able to effectively disperse the flock from your property without injury to dog, goose, or property. Effective Canadian geese management programs require random daily services throughout the spring and fall. Once goals are achieved, less frequent service is required.  Canadian geese DO NOT habituate to Border Collies as is so often the case with potato guns, fireworks, etc.


     – Chord –
August 27, 2003 – August 3, 2009


A report from Columbia, MD.

Geese Management  – Sheep dogs to chase [herd] the geese

Visitors to the Lakefront promenade in Columbia, Maryland, have been increasingly confronted by panhandling resident Canada geese, who having stayed away for two years after the town’s border collies died, seem to have forgotten they are not wanted.

It took the geese 1 – 1/2 years to figure out” that the dogs were gone, but with the dogs gone, resident birds know there’s nothing to fear, so they’ve been frequenting outdoor restaurant tables, begging for table scraps and leaving their calling cards on the sidewalk.

Though some visitors like to see the waterfowl when they walk along the water, many in the town believe the non-migratory geese are a nuisance. In addition to being annoying, the mess they leave at all three lakes and other ponds damages water quality and promotes the growth of algae.

The association board has cleared the way to hire five border collies to resume a task once performed by the border collie geese management team.

Though it might be unpleasant for the birds who are being chased, the idea is to make them go away rather than harm them or even prevent their eggs from hatching. Officials are concerned it would be seen as killing geese by town residents, and are concerned about the community’s response.

Parks officials have other methods of geese management. Geese eggs are coated with vegetable oil each spring to  smother the embryos.

Disappointed as park officials may be,  two things are for sure, after flying thousands of miles, the geese are equally disappointed, and geese management by way of trained border collies is far better than harassing innocent flocks away from their nests.