Geese Facts…

The average life span of Canadian geese is between ten and twenty-five years, however there are reports of life expectancy over thirty years in the natural environment. Reports of a pair in captivity lived over forty years until the male was killed in an accident. The female followed a few months later (McAtee 1924). Contributing factors for the mortality are hunting, both legal and illegal, … [Read On...]

Border Collies…

Border collies are equipped with a keen eye and perfect  body posture to move the geese along without injury. Reputable companies train their dogs in obedience, agility, as sheep herders, and even sleds where basics of direction are learned. Gi, Haw, On by, Walk up. These dogs are masters at following commands across great distances, as they practice the most humane form of geese control. NY TIMES … [Read On...]

City vs. Canadian Geese…

The Headline read: "Fewer Canada Geese, Fewer To Kill" According to the United States Department of Agriculture's report on Canadian Geese, federal agents rounded up 575 from New York City parks and golf courses that were within the flight range of the city's airports. This is less than 60 percent of the 1509 geese slaughtered in 2010. The explanation is simple. Although new geese flew in, … [Read On...]

Geese Management…

Less than forty years ago, the Canadian goose was rarely seen in many parts of the lower forty-eight, but as a result of restoration projects and an increase in both urban and suburban bodies of water, Canadian Geese are a common sighting. Many people recognize the sight and sound of the geese as the beginning of a new season. But while there are those who enjoy the geese and their goslings, … [Read On...]

Geese Education

Reputable, reliable, professional consulting for migratory Canadian Geese … [Read On...]

Canadian Geese Management

TIPS FOR GEESE MANAGEMENT POST SIGNS to discourage feeding of Canadian … [Read On...]

How Geese Release Came to Be…

All across the world the sound of spring is synonymous with the arrival of … [Read On...]

Border Collies

Border collies are equipped with a keen eye and perfect  body posture to move … [Read On...]

The Habitat

Golf courses, planned residential and commercial developments, as well … [Read On...]

Canadian Geese Biology

Resident geese typically breed 2 to 3 years earlier than migrating geese, have … [Read On...]